Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's Been So Long

Hello guys, it has been a while since I last updated my blog. Yes, approximately around two years hahaha. Idk, maybe cause people just don't blog anymore. Like seriously, none of my friends who blogged before, which 'inspired' me to blog as well, blog anymore. Maybe we are caught up in whatever we're doing. Since most of us are either graduated from university, or in final year of degree.

So what's up? Nothing much, I'm currently in my final year of Chemical Engineering as you guys might notice. I was about to start my third year in my last post, I think. So it's 2017. And I'm in my final semester already. That's three semesters before. Well, a lot has happened throughout these two years. Successfully finished my third year, and went through my internship at MPOB in Bangi.

I just wanna talk a bit about my internship. To be honest, 10 weeks seemed so short. I was dreading my life back then since I had no semester break since after internship, I had to enter my final year right away. But looking back, internship was amazing. I missed everything I did as an intern there. I kinda missed how I always arrived early, like around 7.20 am cause too afraid of getting caught in traffic.

I actually learned quite a lot from my intern, mostly through self learning, since I was in an R&D institution, so most things are self learned. My supervisor would give me tasks to study about his projects, which really suited my as an upcoming Chemical Engineer graduate where I had to deal with air pollution control strategies and wastewater treatment. Man it was fun when I get to visit palm oil mills to observe the POME treatment.

Twas a great experience, and I highly recommend to people who's looking for internship, try MPOB. Yes, most of the research officers are busy and hardly have time for you, but with a little bit of initiative, you can learn as much as that you ran out of pages to write in your final report cause its too much to handle. I learned quite a lot back then, and I am grateful for that.

So currently I am occupied with my two final year projects. One for Design Project and another is Research Project. My holidays is ending, and it's time to face reality next week. Hopefully, I can finish both successfully. Couple more subjects to finish before graduating. InshaAllah. So that would be all for this post. I hope I can blog consistently as I go through my final year.

That would be all. See you guys in my next post. Hopefully not in two years time.

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